Traffic Surges: Analyze the Reasons and the Solutions

Have you ever gone through a situation where a site suddenly stops working? Yes, these are the exhausting traffic surges, and it could happen with you also. It can have an adverse influence on your overall business, and all you will be able to do is to sit there for an hour helplessly. 65% of companies require more than an hour to fix these website enemies. Furthermore, these traffic surges can harm your brand reputation and your sales too.

Therefore you need to determine a few things to tackle these traffic surges.

Reasons for Traffic surges

Over Visiting Of Websites

Do you also love to do shopping during the festive seasons? Or have you ever gone to the online portal of any organization to fill the fee on the very last day? If yes, then you are also a reason behind the traffic surges. Yes, you might wonder about this, but it is the truth.

The primary reason behind these annoying traffic surges is the massive amount of users accessing the online portals at once. These cases increase due to the traffic driven to unprecedented levels. The situation gets worse during the holidays, festivals, the last day of filling any fee, etc.

Viral Content

The digitized world has given rise to a term called ‘Viral Content.’ Each day we see some video, image, written data, and such online stuff are becoming famous within seconds. People instantly start to react, share, comment, and like these viral contents.

One more common reason behind the traffic surges is viral content. One day you might feel depressed about the low traffic to your content, and the next day your site faces traffic surges because of more audience.

Therefore it becomes your duty to ensure the smooth running of your website to avoid losses from the massive traffic coming towards your online portal.

How to Tackle Traffic Surges?

CDN Can Help

CDN stands for content delivery network, and this can prepare your site to tackle the traffic surge problem. It allows the users to unload a few elements of your website to the locations around the world. Further, it will enable the users to load these elements from the closest server to them.

Keep Eyes on the Traffic

Another beneficial way to stop traffic surges on your site is always to analyze the traffic coming towards you. Determine how and where users access your site. Moreover, regularly examine your site for bottlenecks too.


Ensure that your website never faces traffic surges because it can negatively affect your sales. Keep a check on the behavior of the traffic and analyze your site regularly.






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