Spot the Reasons for the Low Retention Rate on Your App

Are you wondering why the retention rate of your app is so low? Your work does not end just after creating and launching the app. You also have to be keen about the users that are active on it. For a developer or designer, it is crucial to get some loyal subscribers to make your app successful.

Some may feel once the app gets the subscribers, it’s enough, but then the retention rate enters the picture. If you are still unaware of this thing, then you are missing something significant. But do not worry here, you will get ample information regarding the low retention rate, and what are the reasons behind it.

What Is Retention Rate?

Do you think getting your app downloaded is all you need to make your app a success among such a massive market of applications? If yes, then you are mistaking here. You must be informed of the retention rate and what role does it play.

Retention rate is the percentage of users that are active on your app after a certain period. It is not always about the users who have downloaded your mobile application; instead, it is also about the retention rate. The sustained lack of user activity is evidence of the lost interest in the app.

What Are The Perks Of Having High Retention Rate?

You can lead to other big wins for your mobile app by increasing your retention rate. Here are some of the merits.

  • Increased Engagement

The high retention rate of the application clearly shows that the users are using your app frequently, and they like it. More engagement is always better for you as an app designer/developer.

  • Better User Loyalty

Getting some loyal subscribers on your mobile application is always going to profit you. Greater user loyalty is evidence of the high retention rate. Also, if users will find that many other people are using the app regularly, they will get convinced at some point to use it.

What Need To Be Fixed In Your App ASAP?
  • Create Easy yet Interactive Interface

The first real experience of the user with your app is the onboarding. Therefore you must keep in mind that you need to create a smooth onboarding and sign-in process for the users. If your visitors find your app challenging to access, they will eventually feel like leaving the application.

  • Slow Navigation

Try to create an excellent navigation system for your app. It should not be like a user clicks the back button, and it redirects to some unknown and irrelevant page. It is one of the essential factors to remember.


Instead of setting small goals of getting your mobile application downloaded, try to make the users use it regularly to avoid the low retention rate.






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