Programming Languages to Learn In 2020 – Vital Things to Know


Are you searching for the programming languages to learn in 2020? In today’s world, it is becoming vital to upskill yourself with the desired programming language.  

The advancements in the programming language keep on changing as the development in the field is growing. Moreover, it gives rise to the need of keeping in line with these new technologies. Therefore, the vast options in computer languages out there make it difficult to figure out which one to learn?  

Here are some programming languages to learn in 2020, which you must consider


One programming language, which is still used by many organizations, is Java. It has been in the market for decades; the use of this language is vast for building enterprise-scale and server-side applications. The use of Java is also widespread in developing android applications.

The fact that this programming language is more stable makes it a primary choice of any large enterprise. Moreover, this is not just it; around ninety percent of Fortune 500 firms depend on Java for their desktop apps. Therefore, if you aspire to work with some development based job at a reputed firm, learning this language is a must for you.


If you are seeking to learn a programming language within a less time-span, then have a look at Python. Among all the programming languages to learn in 2020, it is one of the crucial ones to know. It is convenient to use and is widely used to develop web applications.

Be it Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or Survey Monkey; every social media platform runs on Python. For beginners, this is a suitable point to start. Further, most of the startups consider Python primarily; it opens a golden opportunity for full-stack Python developers.


Do you know the master behind the efficient running of iOS-based devices? It is one of the programming languages called ‘Swift.’ The increasing popularity of this language is paving paths for people learning a programming language.

Furthermore, Swift is serving plenty of merits. Such as easy to add new features, a developer can write readable code, and much more. It offers high developer productivity, and it’s a multi-paradigm programming language.


Now you are aware of the programming languages to learn in 2020. Thus, you can cope up with the changing demands of firms. Moreover, if you are a coder seeking to learn programming languages, you can surely consider these.






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