Learn the Steps for Creating Texture in Photoshop

Every designer, be it a graphic designer or an illustrator many times, needs a textured background for their design. If you are making an infographic or a celebratory post for social media and plans to give a white base to the design, providing a texture at the back will be a good idea as it enhances the beauty of the design. Creating texture in Photoshop is an effortless task, and you can create it as you want by just following these simple steps.

First, create a document.

Document creation is the fundamental step you do when you start working with Photoshop. Create a document as for making a texture; there are no limitations of the size you can select the size as per your choice. But make sure you choose the color Mode as RGB as some of the filters in Photoshop can’t work in CMYK color mode.

Add Color to the document

The next step of creating texture using Photoshop is to Add Colour to the paper so that the filter gallery in Photoshop has something to work with. Choose a black and white gradient as it will not react when you apply the texture to the new image.

Further to make gradient use the respective tool.

Go To Filter Gallery

After the gradient is applied to the document, go to Filter> Filter Gallery now, the filter gallery opens, and on the right, you can see a bunch of folders. Expand those folders to see different types of textures.

Select the Filter You Want

From the number of options, you can select the type of texture you want. Once you decide it, click and apply the texture on the document. Then you can adjust the Filter as you wish, you can make the surface bigger, turn up the contrast by sliding the arrow in the contrast bar. Once you finish with the process, you created a necessary texture in Photoshop. But if you want to add a twist to it, follow the next step.

Change the Pattern Type

You can change the pattern type while creating texture in Photoshop. For this, go to the pattern type of your Filter in the dropdown menu and select the type of pattern you want. After you finalized your texture, you can press ok that will lead you to the main workspace, and now you can save your file from file> Save As.

You can apply this texture anywhere you want. You can use it as a background or can use it on an image that all up to you.



Creating texture in Photoshop is a straightforward trick, and you can make different types using this trick.

The texture you make in Photoshop can be used as background or for masking in an object etc. One can easily find several textures by exploring the filter gallery of Photoshop.



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