All You Need To Know About the Hopping Technology of Voice Assistant

What would you prefer a device that easily recognizes your voice or a gadget that needs to be accessed with the use of action done with hands? Yes, to combat the screen fatigue, the ultimate gift of technology voice assistant has entered the market with a huge success.

According to a well-repeated stat stated that in the year 2020, 50% of searches would execute with the use of voice. Isn’t it amazing to know how conveniently now we can complete out online searches? Yes, technology is changing, and voice assistants are better in many ways if compared to other devices. Here you will get to know some of the most famed voice assistants and all you should know about this gift of emerging technology.

What Are Voice Assistants?

You can perceive voice assistant as a digital assistant that can recognize your voice commands and make use of it to complete the tasks for the user. It uses voice recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language processing to furnish you with accurate results.

Some voice assistants can interpret human speech and reply via synthesized voices. You can ask questions, or you can tell them to play your favourite song or recite a poem for your baby. The fantastic voice assistants can do all such tasks efficiently.

Most Famous Voice Assistants across the Globe
  • SIRI by Apple

After releasing in the year 2010, SIRI is still ruling over the hearts of many users. It has near about 375 million active users across the globe, which is not a small number for sure. With the wake phrase ‘Hey Siri’ you can easily give commands to this fantastic voice assistant by users.

  • Google Assistant

If you are a lover of devices by Google, then you might know this superb Google Assistant. Yes, after first unveiled in the year 2016, it is still being used by many people to make their lives easier. Firstly it was available on the Google Pixel phone. You can call out this excellent device with the wake call of ‘Hey Google.’

The primary motive of Google Assistant is to become a part of the daily routine of the customers. They focus on utility, delightful experiences, and family fun.

  • Alexa By Amazon

Hey Alexa, Play baby shark! Yes, have you ever done this? The very popular voice assistant Alexa by Amazon is one of the most loved devices by the users. Launched in the year 2014, Alexa has made many fans across the globe. It is one of the smartest echo devices that respond to voice commands. Whether it is researching on the internet, streaming music, you can do everything with this technology.


If you also want a device to respond in a much interactive manner, then you can get one such voice assistant at your home.






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